The following is a step-by-step guide to submitting your work to Stonebunny Press:

Step One: Query

Always send us a query letter, synopsis, and sample of your submission before sending us the whole shebang!

Please send queries to:

Your query letter will go to our editorial team and we will reply as quickly as we can (usually within 2-6 weeks). We will always reply, no matter what the outcome of the query.

Step Two: Submission

With luck your query letter will take you on to step two: full manuscript submission. We will ask you to send us your entire manuscript, and ask that they are set up as outlined below:

All submissions should be digital, in MS Word doc format, double spaced, with one inch margins. Please use a 12 point font, preferably Arial or Times New Roman.

Submissions should be unpublished (either in print or online).

We accept simultaneous submissions, but would appreciate being notified as soon as possible should your submission be accepted elsewhere before we have made our decision.

We will alert you as to the success of your submission as soon as possible, though depending on the load, it could take up to a few months.

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